Mens Fellowship

The Mens Fellowship Team come together on every second sunday after the service to dwell on God's word. They have involved themselves in various social activities and helped in relief activites too. They actively participate in all the church activities and festivals.

Womens Fellowship

The Womens Fellowship Team consists of a team of dedicated women who gather every second and fourth sunday evening and discuss on the word of God with our Pastoramma Sweety Joy leading them. They hold a regular fasting prayer. They also participate in social activities by visiting the poor and helping them during Christmas period.

Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship comprises of a pack of young and aspiring youths who gather every sunday after the service and discuss on important daily life aspects related to Gods word. They also hold a Prayer Cell every saturday evening and pray fervently for the Churches and souls. They also conduct the service during Youth Sunday. The Team also participate in Youth Rally and competitions and continue to develop.

Young Couples Fellowship

The Young Couple Fellowship consists of a well organised team of motivated couples who gather every third saturday evening and discuss God's word as family. They hold an annual Retreat comprising of various activities and they actively participate and support all the activities of the Church.

Sunday School

The Sunday School engages children every Sunday during the service. They conduct various programs, activities, quiz and other stuffs to enhance their biblical knowledge and understanding of God's word. They conduct talent development sessions age wise and also several competitions to bring out the talents of the children.

Church Choir

The Church Choir consists of an amazing team of singers who form a vital part of the Church. They train every Saturday evening and amply trained by Mr. Jayakaran. They actively participate in various tournaments and competitions and continue to bring laurels to our Church.